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The following terms apply to KM Classifieds, which is a service offered at its discretion by Kent Messenger Limited (KM) to private advertisers, and which is free for certain lineage advertisements up to 3 lines. As well as the specific conditions below, orders for insertion must comply with the KM standard "Conditions of Acceptance of Advertisement" (hereinafter referred to as "Standard Terms") which are:

a) Published within our newspapers
b) Available for review on our website,
c) Displayed in KM offices
d) Available upon request from Customer Services
e) Deemed to be incorporated herein as if the same were set out in full

Prohibited items

Advertisements that are not eligible for KM Classifieds:

a) Firearms/weapons/ knives including ornamental, antique or replica
b) Tobacco and alcoholic products
c) Mobile phones
d) Recruitment advertisements including home helps
e) Childrens’ car seats and travel systems (as per the ROSPA guidelines)
f) Pets/Animals advertisements to sell/give away animals/pets
g) Animal products such as items made from fur, ivory
h) Crash helmets/cycle helmets
i) Wanted advertisements
j) Holiday homes to let/sell are not eligible
k) Personal notices, e.g. looking for friendship
l) Advertisements that carry price comparisons i.e. "New £1500 will accept £20" as this can be deemed to be misleading.
m) The words 'new' or 'brand new' are not acceptable. However the phrases 'like new' or 'as new' are acceptable.

Exclusions from free advertising

Certain specific advertisements are not eligible for the KM Classifieds Free service and any orders for these categories require payment in accordance with our Standard Terms:

a) Any advertisements over 3 lines in length - payment will be required for entire advertisement
b) Classified Trade Advertising: advertisers selling goods in the course of business.
c) Classified Property Advertising: residential properties to sell or let
d) Classified Motor Advertising: advertisements for cars, motorcycles, caravans, commercial, boats and yachts priced over £500. Advertisers placing adverts for 4 or more cars per year will be deemed to be trading and will not be eligible.
e) Home - produced items, plants and home craft

Only 10 items per advertiser will be accepted at any one time, and multiple/similar items for sale appearing over a 3 month period will be deemed to be trade advertising and will require payment.

Births, deaths, marriages and greetings

All notices will be subject to vetting and those that do not comply with our Standard Terms will be declined. Funeral directors will be contacted to confirm the details of obituaries.

General terms

a) All advertisements shall be legal decent honest and truthful and must comply with the British Code of Advertising Practice and all other codes under the general supervision of the Advertising Standards Authority and the requirements of current legislation
b) KM reserves the right to classify certain types of advertisements as profit - making ventures and therefore not private advertisements
c) The advertiser guarantees that the advertisement does not contravene the provisions of the Trade Descriptions Act 1968.
d) No guarantee is given as to position of advertisement or its date of insertion
e) No liability is accepted for errors or misprints within any advertisement or any omission of advertisement nor for any failure in the distribution of any edition of the newspaper
f) Any decision as to acceptance or not of any copy shall be in the Publishers entire discretion
g) Any advertiser shall indemnify the Publisher in respect of all costs damages or other claims falling on the newspaper as a result of the publication of any copy placed by such advertiser
h) The editor reserves the right to edit the text or refuse to print ads thought to be of a nature to cause offense
i) KM reserves the right to publish ads in other editions The publishers retain the copyright to all "work", here in after defined as any material, advertisement, artwork or linage, published or appearing in any KM publication and any such "work" may not be quoted, copied or reproduced without the permission of KM
j) No refunds will be given for any cancellations or errors in relation to advertisements placed on KM Classifieds. This is a variation to the Standard Terms

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